Tips For Introducing Two Cats

Since they’re quite territorial, how you go about introducing the new cat to your current cat can mean the difference between victory or”cat-astrophe.”

The debut process can take no more than 10-12 times for kittens and young cats, so long as 12 weeks to get elderly cats. Make sure you present your”initial” cat lots of focus. This can help him feel safe he is not in competition for the affection.

Confine your new cat into a”secure” room before the introduction procedure is complete. This ought to be a room, like a bathroom or small bedroom your present cat seldom visits.

Tips For Introducing Two Cats

Initially, your very first cat can hiss and yowl in the kitty on the opposite side of the doorway. Never punish him aggressively, it is only going to lead to trouble between the two cats. Make sure you praise and pet your first kitty when he behaves calmly when close to the new cat’s room.

Use another rag to do exactly the identical thing with your very first cat. At this point, place each cat’s blossom rag below the other cat’s bowl. This will help them connect another cat’s scent with something positive-food. Plenty of small feedings every day help them get accustomed to the odor more quickly. Make sure you renew the odor on the rags every day.

Tips For Introducing Two Cats
Tips For Introducing Two Cats

Next, you are able to feed them closer proximity. Maintain your new cat in her”secure” area with the door securely closed, and put each cat’s dish in their side of this doorway. Make sure you feed them at precisely the exact same moment. When they eat without a growling or hissing, you can proceed to another degree of their debut.

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Close your very first cat in a space that he likes to frequent, which makes sure that he has water, a few favourite food and a litter box. Let your cat outside to learn more about the home. After some hours, place her back in her room and allow your very first cat outside. He’ll likely hiss and fuss if he smells the other cat’s scent in HIS land. Again, be patient and praise him if he behaves calmly. Repeat this action at least one time each day till both cats look comfy.

Before you allow the cats have complete access to another, make them come face to face in a secure situation. Verify that the door can not be pushed any farther, which cat could get its head through the opening. The thing is to provide them a opportunity to swat paws at one another and also go nose to nose with no chance for full body contact. Hold every cat on their respective side of this doorway. When they no more hiss or growl at one another, you can try playing both of them at exactly the exact same area.

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